Alessandro Battaglia

A front end developer. A back end developer. A DevOps. A dancer. A Facebook page admin.

What I made


« Matcher is a web game that helps you to associate the orthogonal projection to a 3D solid. »

Last updated 2014 - 15

Server Minecraft (ImmortalCraft)

« ImmortalCraft Italia is a social server! »

I have reorganized the server for the opening. It is not the first Minecraft project, I have prepared a lot of servers.

Last updated 2017

The Circleton project

« I have a team, find out the rest of the crew. »

A team that create what you will think, when you are not yet thinking.

Work in progress...

Calendary - A project made to impress the time

« The project built for the high school final thesis (2018), it is the result of eight years of study in the IT universe. »

Want more? Here the final document. Here the working project.